Medical First Aid Diagnostic Leech

Emergency Instructions

You will need:
• Series A-1 First Aid (red) or B-1 Diagnostic (white) leech
• Datapad(s) or dataspex
• Phone or other communications device

1. Peel back the leech’s transparent covering. Attach leech to patient’s exposed skin. (If the patient is wounded, attach the leech as near as possible to any wounds.)

2. It is normal for the leech to deflate as nanos enter the patient’s bloodstream. Leech casing will drop off or disintegrate when no longer needed.

3. Nanos will perform diagnosis and begin any necessary treatment. Consult your datapad and follow any instructions.

4. Provide phone for nanos to communicate with medical resources or authorities.

5. Further, specialized leeches may be required. Be sure to match color and number before attaching leeches to patient.

6. If medical professionals are available or needed, they will be summoned by nanos. Please be prepared to assist in locating patient for authorities.

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