The Kala Phenkae

(from Encyclopedia of the Interregnum, edited by Oskar Bartlett, Terra-Prime Publishing, 20,832 H.E.)

Little is known of the origins of this secretive breeding program. During the First Terran Empire, various Idara conducted programs of genetic enhancement, most notably Idara Kuchta under Sten Kuchta (TE 123-237) and the Hoister Family. By TE 250, many of the veterans of these programs had joined an ongoing effort under the sponsorship of the Idara Kristeller. The combined program settled in permanent headquarters on the planet Obron.

By TE 320 the program coordinated two hundred six distinct bloodlines, on about four hundred planets; thus, it was popularly referred to as "the Two Hundred Six." During the Interrregnum, the program became known as The Kala Phenkae, supposedly from "Cealla Faenke" ("Two Hundred Six" in the Heloxan language). The Kala Phenkae included Idaras Adelhardt, Carroll, Loewenger, and others, as well as many non-Idara bloodlines.

Over the millennia of the Interregnum, the bloodlines were kept reasonably pure. During this time, the Kala Phenkae were one of the few institutions that remained Galactic in scope, although communications difficulties and political circumstances often limited the program's effectiveness.

In many parts of the Galaxy, and particularly in the Credixian Imperium, the Kala Phenkae wielded great political influence, even though it was practically unknown to the population at large.

Due to the security surrounding the program, the mission and ultimate goals of the Kala Phenkae remained a secret until the time of the Second Terran Empire….

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