Aladdin Systems: Not Your Greatmother's Autoservants

Who could imagine life without autoservants? They cook and clean for us, tend our homes and businesses, keep everyting in good repair, and take care of our every need. Servs and mechs and cybs are indispensible to modern life.

Yet how often do you think about your autoservants? If you’re like most people, seldom. You inherited them, or they came with your home, your business, your ship. They work perfectly—and when they don’t, mechs fix them.

Would it surprise you to know that your autoservants may have been in service for thousands of years? It seems incredible, yet it’s true: the average autoservant in today’s galaxy dates back to the days of the Terran Empire.

What must fill your poor serv’s circuts. Think of the inevitable bloat and clutter of that long a lifetime. Your grandfather’s drink preferences. Great-Aunt Matilda’s favorite breakfasts. The social schedules of a hundred generations. Millennia of trivia.

At Aladdin Systems, we specialize in making old autoservants new again. We’ll clean out your servs’ memories, peel away generations of clutter, and update their software with state-of-the-art routines. You’ll find that your autoservants are more responsive, more efficient, better able to serve.

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