The Right Datapad Makes All the Difference

When you’re looking for a datapad, you want high resolution, quick response, durability, and compatibility. And above all, you want value.

All Ipuwer brand datapads feature near-molecular scale resolution, with nano-addressing to achieve results that exceed the limit of unenhanced human eyesight. With a refresh rate less than 0.01 seconds, Ipuwer datapads can display even the highest-speed video with no trace of breakups or artifacting.

Constructed from permaplast polymers that will last for decades of normal use, Ipuwer datapads are crumple-resistant and fully-rollable. And Ipuwer pads feature Snap-Smooth technology to eliminate folds and creases at the touch of a corner.

Ipuwer datapads are the most compatible on the market, fully compliant with all major data and networking standards, including FLBLA, Terran Empire Standard, and GalactiNet. Each Ipuwer pad comes with a minimum 2 TB of onboard memory, with access to local and wide-area network storage. Input methods include stylus, virtual keyboard, and auto-congifure data transfer from any system or network.

Ipuwer pads are available in all standard sizes, from wallet (5 x 7.5 cm) all the way up to Display (60 x 80 cm). Pads can be linked, physically and virtually, to make larger displays as needed. Available in multi-packs of 10, 25, and 50, Ipuwer datapads provide superior performance and value.

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Meet a Galactic Rider

(from Stars of the Galaxy, May 6482 CE)

For millions of years, the Galactic Riders have served the causes of peace and freedom in the Galaxy. Yet Humans know little about this ancient alien order. Recently, on the planet Dovan, we interviewed Tto Yachim, a Dorascan Rider who was happy to answer some questions. Like all of his people, Tto Yachim is a superb linguist and vocal mimic; he speaks Terran Standard perfectly.

Stars: So tell us, what are the Galactic Riders all about?

Tto Yachim: The Galactic Riders provide help to those in need. In addition, we assist the cause of freedom over repression, maintain cultural continuity, act as mediators, and provide role models.

Stars: What sort of training do you need to be a Rider?

Tto Yachim: We are extensively trained in music, history, culture, and the accumulated wisdom of the Free Peoples.

Stars: Galactic Riders are empowered to act as judge, jury, and executioner. Who oversees them; who prevents them from abusing their power?

Tto Yachim: Galactic Riders act with the full authority of the Council of the Free Peoples of the Scattered Worlds. Riders are responsible only to their own consciences. A Rider’s integrity is beyond question. On the few occasions that a Galactic Rider has misused power, other Riders have hastened to administer justice.

Stars: Where are the Galactic Riders based?

Tto Yachim: Our order is headquartered on Nephestal. Many individual Riders make regular circuits of various worlds and settlments, visiting each perhaps once a year or so. Some set up permanent homes, and operate out of them. Others consider their ships to be their homes.

Stars: Thank you for sharing this information with our readers.

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The Few, the Proud…the Imperium Space Corps

The bond that holds Spacers together was forged nearly four millennia ago. Every Spacer inherits a legacy of those who have gone before and every Spacer is duty bound to uphold the traditions and legacy of our Corps and pass that on to future Spacers. From its beginning the long-ago days of the Terran Empire, the Corps has strived to produce not only the best warriors, but the best people. They are men and women who live by a code which form the bedrock of good character. These values guide the Corps, as well as its individual Spacers.

Honor: Spacers are held to a high standard of the utmost ethical and moral behavior. Honesty and honor are held in great regard. Respect for others is essential. Every Spacer is accountable for his or her actions and meeting the highest standard of the Corps.

Courage: Courage is not the absence of fear. It is the ability to face fear and overcome it. It is the mental, moral, and physical strength ingrained in Spacers. It steadies them in times of stress, carries them through every challenge, and aids them in facing new and unknown confrontations.

Commitment: Commitment is the spirit of determination and dedication found in Spacers. Every aspect of life in the Corps shows commitment, from the high standard of excellence to the vigilance the Spacers show for training.

There is only one explanation for people who accept a challenge this difficult. They're called to do it. They understand instinctively that the greatest things they will accomplish in life are the hardest things. Which path is calling you?

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