The Right Datapad Makes All the Difference

When you’re looking for a datapad, you want high resolution, quick response, durability, and compatibility. And above all, you want value.

All Ipuwer brand datapads feature near-molecular scale resolution, with nano-addressing to achieve results that exceed the limit of unenhanced human eyesight. With a refresh rate less than 0.01 seconds, Ipuwer datapads can display even the highest-speed video with no trace of breakups or artifacting.

Constructed from permaplast polymers that will last for decades of normal use, Ipuwer datapads are crumple-resistant and fully-rollable. And Ipuwer pads feature Snap-Smooth technology to eliminate folds and creases at the touch of a corner.

Ipuwer datapads are the most compatible on the market, fully compliant with all major data and networking standards, including FLBLA, Terran Empire Standard, and GalactiNet. Each Ipuwer pad comes with a minimum 2 TB of onboard memory, with access to local and wide-area network storage. Input methods include stylus, virtual keyboard, and auto-congifure data transfer from any system or network.

Ipuwer pads are available in all standard sizes, from wallet (5 x 7.5 cm) all the way up to Display (60 x 80 cm). Pads can be linked, physically and virtually, to make larger displays as needed. Available in multi-packs of 10, 25, and 50, Ipuwer datapads provide superior performance and value.

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