Leikeis, the fifth planet of Altair, was colonized by Humans AD 2088. It was the twelfth extrasolar planet to be settled. From the first, the government of Leikeis was a Nexus government, and Leikeis was the sixth and final member of the Nexus Worlds which provided the nucleus of the First Terran Empire in 2153. (The other Nexus Worlds were Terra, Mars, Euphrates, Laxus, and Lucifer.)

Historically, Leikeis has always been associated with the Idara Adelhardt. Lewis Adelhardt (2031-2092 CE) invested heavily in the Leikeis Colony and the infant Bank of Leikeis. His daughter Sayyid Frieda Adelhardt (2066-2152) distinguished herself as the first Ambassador from Terra to Leikeis, and later became the first Exchequer of Leikeis, the titular ruler of the planet. The post of Exchequer soon became hereditary and remained in Adelhardt hands throughout the duration of the Empire.

The bank of Leikeis was among the top ten banks of the Imperial period, and Leikeis was a powerful financial and investment center. A popular proverb in the Empire was, "It's as cold as a Leikein banker's heart."

Keruin, the largest city on Leikeis, was particularly famous for its seafood trade; fresh-caught fish were loaded daily aboard starships bound for some of the finest restaurants in the Galaxy. Emperor David Kuchta (TE 242-254) was particularly fond of Leikein redfish, and was reputed to have fresh redfish sent to him every afternoon by special courier, no matter where he was in the Galaxy.

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New Sardinia

New Sardinia, the fourth planet of the G0 star Sigma Corsicus, is one of eight Provincial Capitals of the First Terran Empire. The world was first settled in TE 37. When the Imperial planet-naming program came up with "Nusardina," settlers quickly altered the pronunciation to "New Sardinia" and the new name stuck.

With a diameter 79% of Terra and a mass 58% of Earth, the surface gravity of New Sardinia is 0.87 gees. The New Sardinian day lasts 21.30 standard hours, and the year is 193.15 local days (171.42 standard days). New Sardinia has five small moons.

Throughout the Empire, New Sardinia is particularly known for the quality of its arts, especially music. The annual Sardinian Arts Festival, coinciding with the Imperial holiday Walpurgis, is renowned throughout the galaxy. New Sardinia also boasts many five-nova restaurants, including Tariki's and the Redstar Room. Haussner's Ramatiad is often cited as the best gourmet restaurant in the Human galaxy.

Iglesias, New Sardinia's capital city, consists of a single tower 750 meters tall.Other important cities include the Imperial Navy base at Sardinnisport and the tropical paradise Ramatiad. The natural beauties of the Reva Nin mountain range are breathtaking; the entire range has been set aside as an Imperial Park and is one of the most popular tourist destinations in the galaxy.

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