Come to Columbo and Create the Future!

World Creativity Conference
August 28 - September 2, 2042
Clarke Centre, Columbo, Sri Lanka

This year’s CreativCon will be held in the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, a land older than time and yet more modern than the future itself. The main facility is the incomparable Clarke Centre, the scientific and technological jewel of the East. Symposium topics range from the aesthetics of space travel to interdisciplinary virtual world design, with all disciplines represented. Whether you’re a poet, painter, dancer, fashion maven, video artist, or Net designer, there’s a place for you at the CreativCon. This is the year’s biggest celebration of artistic creativity…you dare not miss it!

This year’s Special Challenge Topics are:

Preserving the Past: Conservation Strategies for Pre-Digital Artifacts
The Ice Cometh: Preparing for the Next Ice Age
Lojban at 87: Is It Time for a New Artificial Language?
New Mesopotamia: Design Study for an Undersea City

So come to Columbo, bring your imagination, and become a part of the future!

NOTE: New Special Challenge Topic just added:
The Martian Century: Settling the Red Planet.

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Eisenhower Spaceport

from Terra on the Cheap by Tunella Gennero
©6473 CE, Interstellar Publishing Group, Bosip

Over 90% of traffic to and from Terra passes through Eisenhower, earning the spaceport its nickname “Gateway to Terra.” Regularly-scheduled tourist flights departing from Bosip and many other worlds are the best way to avoid variable landing and berthing fees. Be wary of pickpockets, con artists, and others who prey upon tourists.

Aircabs to New York City are available in front of the main terminal. Be sure to use only cabs displaying a license from the Terran Tourist Board.

What to See and Do

Main Terminal: Believed to be the largest spaceport terminal in the Galaxy, the Main Terminal is an excellent example of Late Empire architecture. At its peak, the Main Terminal served five million transients per day. Don’t miss the many local food vendors, which offer the chance to sample authentic Terran cuisine like Athan’s Otdogs, the Madonna Bigmac, and Crottled Greeps. Wash it down with genuine Buckstar’s coffee.

Grand Central Clock: The centerpiece of the Main Terminal was perhaps the most famous clock in the Terran Empire. relocated from Grand Central Station in New York, the clock’s four faces are made from opal.

Hotels & Inns
Many fine hotels and inns are available in New York.

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Thank you for choosing RCSpex™

  • Eidolon-265 450 GHz processor
  • Fully FLBLA-compliant for assured compatibility
  • Rechargeable 12-day battery
  • Adjustable earpieces for comfortable fit
  • Stereo bone-conduction speakers & microphones
  • Continuous eye-tracking allows operation by eye movements
  • Retinal scan provides perfect security
  • Built-in configuration program
  • Five operating modes: Transparent, Basic Computing, Virtua, Cyberbia, El Juego
  • Distinctive styling

Quick Start

A built-in configuration program allows you to begin using your RCSpex™ immediately.
    1. Put on your RCSpex™
    2. Adjust the flexible earpieces for the most comfortable fit.
    3. Locate the on/off switch, where the right earpiece joins the lens assembly.
    4. Click and hold the on/off switch for ten seconds to activate the configuration program.
    5. Arcy, our animated mascot, will guide you through the configuration process.

NOTE: If you currently wear corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses), please have your lenses available. RCSpex™ will scan your lenses to determine their optical properties. RCSpex™ will then adjust its own display to match the effect of your lenses.


Cycle modes by clicking the mode switch, located where the left earpiece joins the lens assembly. (Optionally, you can use the configuration program to set up an eye movement that will switch modes.)

    1. Transparent Mode: RCSpex™ display an unprocessed view of the real world. Options: Time/date display, Incoming mail alert, Continuous audio-visual record

    2. Basic Computing Mode: Real-world image is overlaid with a windowing environment that can be used for data processing, communications, and interface with your personal or business computer systems.

    3. Virtua: RCSpex™ display Virtual enhancements of the real world. NOTE: RCSpex™ can be set to transmit your own Virtual persona so that others will see you the way you want to be seen. (Construction of virtual personae images requires additional software.)

    4. Cyberbia: RCSpex™ are your portal into the limitless realm of cyberspace. Simple navigation controls respond to eye movements, allowing you to travel through Cyberbia at will. Conduct business transactions, visit with friends, play interactive team games, learn, teach, view virties, read books, surf the Nets.

    5. El Juego: RCSpex™ take you into the richest and wildest gaming environment ever. Play your existing character(s), or establish new ones.

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Home of the Daamin in the Scattered Worlds, founded immediately after the Flight of the Daamin. Nephestal became the center of culture in the Scattered Worlds, and the meeting place for the Free Peoples of the Scattered Worlds. The surviving Singing Stones are kept in Geva Elen, the Place of the Stones, before the Temple of All Worlds.

During the First Terran Empire, Nephestal was known to Humans as Kao Li, and was believed to be the central world of a small Daamin trading league. The Daamin dealt with Humans exclusively from a base on the Human-colonized planet Ny. Humans did not actually visit Nepehestal until well after the fall of the Empire.

Other notable features of Nephestal include:

  • Assembly Hall: Meeting place of the Council of the Free Peoples of the Scattered Worlds.

  • Deepest Crypt: Storage place for weapons and other dangerous things. Maintained by Nar Klerit Tum, Warder of Arms.

  • Forest of the Hlutr: The particular physical collection of Hlutr near the Assembly Hall.

  • Galactic Riders' Landing Field and Riders' Quarter: Quarters and support facilites for the Galactic Riders.

  • Llala-Pili: Scattered Worlds race of legendary gourmands, in charge of cuisine on Nephestal.

  • Lovers' Grove: Grove on Nephestal where the legendary Jel Haran and Lirith first fell in love. Popular tourist attraction. According to legend, vows exchanged in the Lovers' Grove will never fail.

  • Museum of Worlds: Museum on Nephestal which preserves art and artifacts from throughout the Scattered Worlds. Its caretaker is titled "Master of the Museum."

  • Rept Kretzlab: The Gap of Remembrance, a portion of Nephestal's sky kept clear of cosmic dust so that the light of the Galactic Core can be seen.

  • Temple of All Worlds: Cultural and religious center on Nephestal, with remembrances of each of the Scattered Worlds. At the center of the Temple is the Dais of the Elder Gods.

  • Visitors' Quarter: Area of Nephestal which is devoted to housing and services for visitors.

  • Watchers (of the Stones): Cadre of telepathic-sensitive volunteers, who attempt to divine meaning from the music of the Singing Stones.

    Famous People Connected with Nepehstal:

  • Arhineal delv Trespidaan: Avethellan member of the Council of the Free Peoples of the Scattered Worlds.

  • Clombortau Nor'Piqenn: Marpethalan member of the Council of the Free Peoples of the Scattered Worlds.

  • Hes-Namu: Artificial intelligence in service of the Free Peoples of the Scattered Worlds.

  • Kayya Trnas: Daamin scholar of Humanity at the time of the First Terran Empire.

  • Nar Klerit Tum: Talebba, Warder of Arms for the Scattered Worlds.

  • Sinlath Trnas: Post-Imperial Daamin scholar of Humanity.

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