Thank you for choosing RCSpex™

  • Eidolon-265 450 GHz processor
  • Fully FLBLA-compliant for assured compatibility
  • Rechargeable 12-day battery
  • Adjustable earpieces for comfortable fit
  • Stereo bone-conduction speakers & microphones
  • Continuous eye-tracking allows operation by eye movements
  • Retinal scan provides perfect security
  • Built-in configuration program
  • Five operating modes: Transparent, Basic Computing, Virtua, Cyberbia, El Juego
  • Distinctive styling

Quick Start

A built-in configuration program allows you to begin using your RCSpex™ immediately.
    1. Put on your RCSpex™
    2. Adjust the flexible earpieces for the most comfortable fit.
    3. Locate the on/off switch, where the right earpiece joins the lens assembly.
    4. Click and hold the on/off switch for ten seconds to activate the configuration program.
    5. Arcy, our animated mascot, will guide you through the configuration process.

NOTE: If you currently wear corrective lenses (glasses or contact lenses), please have your lenses available. RCSpex™ will scan your lenses to determine their optical properties. RCSpex™ will then adjust its own display to match the effect of your lenses.


Cycle modes by clicking the mode switch, located where the left earpiece joins the lens assembly. (Optionally, you can use the configuration program to set up an eye movement that will switch modes.)

    1. Transparent Mode: RCSpex™ display an unprocessed view of the real world. Options: Time/date display, Incoming mail alert, Continuous audio-visual record

    2. Basic Computing Mode: Real-world image is overlaid with a windowing environment that can be used for data processing, communications, and interface with your personal or business computer systems.

    3. Virtua: RCSpex™ display Virtual enhancements of the real world. NOTE: RCSpex™ can be set to transmit your own Virtual persona so that others will see you the way you want to be seen. (Construction of virtual personae images requires additional software.)

    4. Cyberbia: RCSpex™ are your portal into the limitless realm of cyberspace. Simple navigation controls respond to eye movements, allowing you to travel through Cyberbia at will. Conduct business transactions, visit with friends, play interactive team games, learn, teach, view virties, read books, surf the Nets.

    5. El Juego: RCSpex™ take you into the richest and wildest gaming environment ever. Play your existing character(s), or establish new ones.

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