Come to Columbo and Create the Future!

World Creativity Conference
August 28 - September 2, 2042
Clarke Centre, Columbo, Sri Lanka

This year’s CreativCon will be held in the tropical paradise of Sri Lanka, a land older than time and yet more modern than the future itself. The main facility is the incomparable Clarke Centre, the scientific and technological jewel of the East. Symposium topics range from the aesthetics of space travel to interdisciplinary virtual world design, with all disciplines represented. Whether you’re a poet, painter, dancer, fashion maven, video artist, or Net designer, there’s a place for you at the CreativCon. This is the year’s biggest celebration of artistic creativity…you dare not miss it!

This year’s Special Challenge Topics are:

Preserving the Past: Conservation Strategies for Pre-Digital Artifacts
The Ice Cometh: Preparing for the Next Ice Age
Lojban at 87: Is It Time for a New Artificial Language?
New Mesopotamia: Design Study for an Undersea City

So come to Columbo, bring your imagination, and become a part of the future!

NOTE: New Special Challenge Topic just added:
The Martian Century: Settling the Red Planet.

Find out more in Dance for the Ivory Madonna by Don Sakers Digg!

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