Eisenhower Spaceport

from Terra on the Cheap by Tunella Gennero
©6473 CE, Interstellar Publishing Group, Bosip

Over 90% of traffic to and from Terra passes through Eisenhower, earning the spaceport its nickname “Gateway to Terra.” Regularly-scheduled tourist flights departing from Bosip and many other worlds are the best way to avoid variable landing and berthing fees. Be wary of pickpockets, con artists, and others who prey upon tourists.

Aircabs to New York City are available in front of the main terminal. Be sure to use only cabs displaying a license from the Terran Tourist Board.

What to See and Do

Main Terminal: Believed to be the largest spaceport terminal in the Galaxy, the Main Terminal is an excellent example of Late Empire architecture. At its peak, the Main Terminal served five million transients per day. Don’t miss the many local food vendors, which offer the chance to sample authentic Terran cuisine like Athan’s Otdogs, the Madonna Bigmac, and Crottled Greeps. Wash it down with genuine Buckstar’s coffee.

Grand Central Clock: The centerpiece of the Main Terminal was perhaps the most famous clock in the Terran Empire. relocated from Grand Central Station in New York, the clock’s four faces are made from opal.

Hotels & Inns
Many fine hotels and inns are available in New York.

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