Miruvorane, first of a long-promised new generation of "benign antivirals," was still pending FDA approval -- but Helen, like millions of other Americans, couldn't wait. Honduras and Nicaragua had both legalized the drug; as long as everyone had friends enough, there was no shortage in North America. Miruvorane immunized the body against a whole suite of viruses, Kabinda being the most notable, without toxic effects. The first few days, Helen had some minor headaches, but then she thought no more about it. One capsule every three days, with dinner, became a familiar routine.

Miruvorane proved to be a powerful mutagenic, affecting pregnancies by causing random and horrifying mutations. One product of such mutation was Penylle Norton, born with powerful clairvoyant and psychokinetic abilities, but with a potentially-fatal lack of a crucial hormone.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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The Gergathan

The Gergathan is a great war-machine, constructed on Messilinia during the formation of the Pylistroph, about 2.4 billion years ago in the Galactic Core.

Composed of computer parts plus the living minds of those it has absorbed (including that of its creator, Dettalean Gankeh), the Gergathan is vastly intelligent, utterly implacable, and relentlessly ruthless. Its mission is the total eradication of life, everywhere in the multiverse.

The Gergathan is the monarch and incarnate god of the Gathered Worlds.

The primary servant of the Gargathan is Delger, a Talebba organism that could easily be considered a portion of the Gergathan itself.

The Gergathan's chief lieutenant is the Coruman Arivaan.

The Gergathan's weapons include the Gesen Vennetlira, a wand which destroys all life it touches.

In the Scattered Worlds, the Gergathan is also referred to as The Lord of Strife.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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The Planet Escen

Habitable planet about 3 kiloparsecs from Terra, on the outer edge of the next galactic spiral arm inward. Escen is the first of five planets of an F-type star 1.66 times as luminous as Sol.

Distance from primary: 194.54 million kilometers
Revolutionary period: 0.9204 Terran years (366.17 Terran days/372.32 local days)
Rotation: 21.67 hours
Total irradiation (Terra = 1): 0.98
Diameter: 1.82 Terra (23,245 kilometers)
Mass: 4.22 Terra
Density: 0.70 Terra (3.83 g/cc)
Surface gravity: 1.27

Escen was founded in 2089 CE by Elaine & Samatha Churchill. Original population was drawn largely from Burma/Thailand/Indonesia. The original Buddhist religion later adapted to the KBM cult in Imperial times, then settled peacefully into a KBM/Buddhist flavored system early in the Interregnum. Escen was a peaceful world unfortunately balanced politically between the more warlike worlds of Geled and Dovan.

The Capital city is Nerang (originally "New Rangoon.") Other important cities include Moulmein, Arakan, Magwe, Silchar, and Tavoy.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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Brin Lütken & Catherine Leonov

Catherine Leonov (TE 112-219) served on the Imperial Council from TE 147 to TE 219. Brin Lütken (TE 118-219) served from TE 153 to TE 219. They fell in love and became the perfect storybook couple, capturing the hearts of the Empire. In TE 158 they married.

By about TE 165, Mesayyid Brin and Catherine were the most powerful members of the Imperial Council, Emperor and Empress in all but name.

Behind their public smiles and benevolence, Brin and Catherine were power-hungry, devious, and corrupt. They had their fingers in every pie in the Galaxy, including organized crime and rebellion against the Empire. They engineered the destruction of the planet Cambolinee in TE 168.

In the latter part of their reign, Brin and Catherine waged bitter war against Empress Maj Thovold and the Imperialists. They were the driving force behind the Engelbach Rebellion of TE 197, and the Tarantula Incident of TE 219.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers
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