The Planet Escen

Habitable planet about 3 kiloparsecs from Terra, on the outer edge of the next galactic spiral arm inward. Escen is the first of five planets of an F-type star 1.66 times as luminous as Sol.

Distance from primary: 194.54 million kilometers
Revolutionary period: 0.9204 Terran years (366.17 Terran days/372.32 local days)
Rotation: 21.67 hours
Total irradiation (Terra = 1): 0.98
Diameter: 1.82 Terra (23,245 kilometers)
Mass: 4.22 Terra
Density: 0.70 Terra (3.83 g/cc)
Surface gravity: 1.27

Escen was founded in 2089 CE by Elaine & Samatha Churchill. Original population was drawn largely from Burma/Thailand/Indonesia. The original Buddhist religion later adapted to the KBM cult in Imperial times, then settled peacefully into a KBM/Buddhist flavored system early in the Interregnum. Escen was a peaceful world unfortunately balanced politically between the more warlike worlds of Geled and Dovan.

The Capital city is Nerang (originally "New Rangoon.") Other important cities include Moulmein, Arakan, Magwe, Silchar, and Tavoy.

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