Miruvorane, first of a long-promised new generation of "benign antivirals," was still pending FDA approval -- but Helen, like millions of other Americans, couldn't wait. Honduras and Nicaragua had both legalized the drug; as long as everyone had friends enough, there was no shortage in North America. Miruvorane immunized the body against a whole suite of viruses, Kabinda being the most notable, without toxic effects. The first few days, Helen had some minor headaches, but then she thought no more about it. One capsule every three days, with dinner, became a familiar routine.

Miruvorane proved to be a powerful mutagenic, affecting pregnancies by causing random and horrifying mutations. One product of such mutation was Penylle Norton, born with powerful clairvoyant and psychokinetic abilities, but with a potentially-fatal lack of a crucial hormone.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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