The Aetorian League

The planet Aetor, located about a kiloparsec from Earth, was colonized in 2098 CE. In 2153, Aetor was one of the founding worlds of the First Terran Empire.

After the fall of the First Empire, Aetor became a minor player in the region, but always remembered that its history predated the Empire's. In 4518 Aetor, with a few surrounding worlds, proclaimed the Aetorian League. In 4601 Aetor-Tethys-Zinnberg-Bosip signed the Aetorian Pact for mutual co-operation. This is the traditional date of founding for the Aetorian League.

At its greatest extent, the League included Tethys, Zinnberg, Bosip, and many of the surrounding worlds.

The League remained a minor player on the Galactic stage until 6697, when Lathyros declared war. Tethys, Zinnberg, and Bosip made individual settlements with Lathyros, withdrawing form the League. Although the Aetor-Lathyros War dragged on until 6712, when a treaty ceded most of the Aetor's's territory to Lathyros, historians date the end of the League at the start of the War, 6697.

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