So You’re Going To Geled…

(Galactic Traveler, April 6484 CE)

The most difficult adjustment for non-Geledi tourists is to the odd Geledi calendar. No matter what your local system, you are probably used to a Terran Standard calendar of 24-hour days. A year is 365 such days, arranged into 12 months of three tendays each, with five vacation days scattered throughout.

Geled is the only major Imperial splinter state to abandon the Terran Standard. The Geledi Standard Day last 22.4 hours; a year is 292 days (1.3467 Geled years equals one Standard year). The year is divided into 16 months of 37 days each. Each month consists of six weeks (called nyeedyeh) of six days each, plus an additional day (Prahznyeh) at the end of the month.

The days of the Geledi week are Senkyeh, Mahnyeh, Tarehyeh, Vrenzyeh, Geletyeh, and Soobtayeh. The months of the Geledi year are Yeenvahr, Fyeevahr, Vyeesyahbr, Mahrt, Ahpryehl, Migh, Lyehyahbr, Iyon, IIyul, Ahvgoost, Ossyahbr, Syeentyahbr, Ahktyahbr, Nahyahbr, Zeemyahbr, and Dyeekyahbr.

And just to make things more interesting, every so often there’s a leap year, in which the 37th day of Zeemyahbr is dropped.

Tourists are advised to purchase conversion software for datapads and headsets. In addition, inexpensive Geledi timepieces are readily available at tourist shops and in spaceports—these usually run for a few centuries without adjustment, and make fine mementos and gifts once your trip is over.

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