Are You One In A Billion?

Located in Alexandria, Egypt, the Grand Library is the central repository of all information known to the Human race. The Library's information is available from terminals all over the Galaxy. The Grand Library receives billions of inquiries every day. And each day, thousands of those inquiries require the personal assistance of a Human Librarian.

These Librarians are among the most talented and highly-trained professionals in the Galaxy. Ten times rarer than chess Grand Masters, Grand Librarians are gifted with a remarkable intuition, allowing them to sift through vast amounts of data to pinpoint exactly the information to answer any question.

The Grand Library is always in search of new Librarians. Only one in a million are neurologically able to undergo the delicate surgery that links the mind directly to the great databases. Only one in a billion have the combination of intuition and imagination that make a Grand Librarian.

Are you one in a billion? If you think so, contact the Grand Library for recruitment information.

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