The Mehbis Cluster

The Mehbis Cluster was an open cluster of 38 stars that existed approximately 400 million BCE. The Mehbis Cluster contained 18 habitable planets. The dominant higher lifeform was a species of "Singing Trees" which were Hlutr-descended and had strong telepathic/empathic abilites. Through the mediation of the Singing Trees and the co-operation of local Hlutr, the entire Mehbis Cluster became one single ecological unit.

In time, a form of co-operative micro-organisms developed intelligence and managed to build up a sophisticated nano-scale technology, including interstellar travel. However, technology fed upon itself and the micro-organisms severely overpopulated the entire cluster. The ecological crash, when it came, was quick and devastating; in the end, both the micro-organisms and the Singing Trees were driven to extinction, and the Cluster's biodiversity was decimated.

Over the course of Galactic revolutions, the stars of the Mehbis Cluster drifted apart. Today, there is no unity among the remaining planets, and only a few (mostly microscopic) ruins remain as evidence of the glories that once existed there.

copyright (c) 2010, Don Sakers
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