The Virgo Mariner Expedition

The Virgo Mariner was a Second Terran Empire vessel, carrying a Scattered Worlds crew under the command of Mal Arin, sent on a voyage of exploration to the Virgo Cluster in 23,524 H.E.
The multi-species, multi-discipline crew included:

  • Mal Arin: Human, historian, Captain.
  • Borinat t'Lemest: Metrinaire, Economist
  • Debrettar: Iaranori, Chief Engineer
  • Kiryl: Human, Second-in-Command
  • LeMoine: Human, Poet
  • Mondappen: Iaranori, Galactic Rider
  • Doctor na-Pekah: Dorascan, Chief Astronomer
  • Explorers: Twin Hlutr, Advisors
  • Osteva Rul: Human, Geneticist
  • Fadil Tormity: Human, Galactic Rider
  • Tiglath delv Napitsha: Avethellan, Telepath
  • Tila Zakodny: Human, Biologist
  • Wu Plenr: Daamin, Librarian
  • Ximu Qin: Daamin, Geneticist  
The Virgo Mariner crew visited the planet Metaneira in the Ring Galaxy, where they contacted the Twilight Dancers. A particular Twilight Dancer, Song of the Eventide Wind, was the crew's main contact.

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