Jackie Paper

Miranda watches one boy, late teens or early twenties, easily the oldest she's seen. He struts across the floor like a swaggering tomcat, no doubt exuding pheromones with every step. She wonders what he will make of himself, when the muscles start to fade to flab, and the chestnut hair starts thinning. Will he become a respectable career man with a wife and a house and two children of his own? Will he go to church every week and pray for the souls of other lost kids? Will he be content with such an ordinary, uneventful life -- or will he strike out for the outside world that he has only seen reflected in the eyes of his erstwhile customers?

Born in the Christian Confederacy of American States, Jackie Paper was raised by Omi, an operative in the covert international organization known as The Nexus. But Jackie is gay, and if he stays in the Christian States much longer, he risks the death penalty. Now, in the company of Miranda Maris, the legendary Ivory Madonna, he has one last chance to escape....

copyright (c) 2009, Don Sakers
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