The Avethellan Empire

The Avethellan Empire ruled much of the galaxy for a period of about 58,000 years c. 5.2 million BCE. For the last 30,000 years the Empire was ruled by the legendary Queen Aemallana [some scholars conjecture that Aemallana was not one person, but was a throne name used by a succession of individuals].

Avethell's matriarchal culture was rich, although somewhat spare. Poetry and music were much valued. Avethellans tended to be long-lived, in excess of several centuries at least [whether this was their natural lifespan, or their lives were extended by technology, is unknown.]

There is evidence that psi played some part in Avethellan culture. Telepaths were much more common than in Human populations.

The windmill, which Avethellan settlers constructed everywhere they went, became the symbol of Avethell. The Golden Throne, cast on Avethell at the beginning of the Empire, was another important symbol.

In the 600th century of the Empire, Queen Aemallana summoned the hero Kylvin delv Minatan, who traveled to Messilinia in the Galactic Core and all-but-defeated the Gergathan, bringing an end to Diebethar. Messilinia becomes second Capital. The Seat of Aemallana was established there as a second Throne.

In the 700th century, Aemallana was lost. Her successor, Mooridann, took the Seat of Aemallana, reduced the defense fleet and made other unwise decisions. Ten years later, the resurrected Gergathan proclaimed Malreppidar. The Avethellan Empire fell soon after. In the chaos of the Fall, Dareenten, an Iaranori known as "The Last Galactic Rider," rescued the heir and the Golden Throne, taking both to Nephestal for safekeeping.

The period of Avethellan rule, especially after the conquest of Diebethar, is considered a Golden Age by succeeding cultures. To this day, Aemallana is worshipped as a goddess among the Avethellans, and her name is revered throughout the Scattered Worlds.

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