Filtan of thakar Lyph chaio

born on Kree c. 28,470 (Kreen calendar) (c. 750,000 BCE)

Filtan was the greatest of the Kreen poets. He lived in the days of Nova Barentikater, and although he was of Kree, he belonged to a chaio which symapthized with Barentikater. thakar Lyph chaio, in fact, had strong ties with ban Tau chaio on Barentikater IV. thakar Lyph chaio kept no Sebhra slaves (unlike other powerful chaios on Kree), and Filtan spoke out against Sebhra slavery at all times.

In the days directly before Nova Barentikater, Filtan was sent to Barentikater IV by the Miethara as a putative peace envoy (in fact the Miethara was trying to get rid of him), with two chaio-mates named Hylie and Aeth. Upon return to Kree, he found thakar Lyph chaio slain, and the Miethara in command of their ancestral lands.

Filtan's poetry was largely what we today would call science fiction, but his best-known work was his lament, "The Deathsong of Filtan."

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