The Christian Confedercy of American States

In 2027, taking advantage of the new Peaceful Secession clause, the broad swath of country from Lynchburg to Colorado Springs reorganized itself as the Christian States of America; soon after, sought California and the Southwest joined northern Mexico as Mexamerica, southern Florida entered the Caribbean Union, Utah became its own theocratic state, and several American Indian homelands declared themselves independe4nt. It was the worst year for mapmakers since 1990.

The Christian Confederacy of American States, also known as "The Christian States of America" and "God's Country," is a theocratic nation in which Christian values rule, abortion and sexual deviance are punishable by death, indecency is not tolerated, compulsory prayer opens every school day, and the Ten Commandments are posted in every classroom and public building.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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