The Credixian Imperium

The Credixian Imperium (2624 - 10,724 CE) was centered around the First Empire Province of Credix. Although its boundaries fluctuated during the millennia, the core systems in the same Spiral Arm as Credix were always part of the Imperium.

The Imperator sat on the throne and held near-absolute power, but the Reichstaag (legislature) controlled the succession.

The Credixian Imperium preserved First Empire culture. The Imperium was not stagnant, but it was very stable. Stability was valued over expansionism and innovation. As much as possible, the Imperium isolated itself from the Galaxy outside its borders.

Breeding, like inheritance, was controlled by primogeniture. The oldest child could breed (2 children); younger children could get breeding permits from the Imperator for a large number of reasons, but the availability of such permits depended on total Credixian population.

Since the religion of Credix involved ancestor worship, it was desirable for each Family to have children, in order to honor the ancestors through time.

At times during the Interregnum, breeding permits were granted for exploration, archaeological discoveries, works of art, etc.

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