Before they reach the tanks, a blue-shirted InfoPol officer marches smartly up to them, her dark hair maintaining a perfect coiff in spite of the humidity.She is flanked by two U.N. peacekeepers in khakis, with blue helmets gleaming and rifles held ready.

Damien holds out his hand. "Good evening, Officer. What can we do for you?" He makes sure to stand so that she can see the Starburst glowing yellow against his dark skin.

The woman flashes a badge, ignoring Damien's outstretched hand. "Officer Caparthy, InfoPol." She hands him a flatscreen. "I have a warrant for the arrest of one Miranda Maris."

The World Information Police (InfoPol), under the authority of the United Nations, is the agency responsible for investigating abuses of information and maintaining order within the Human preserves of cyberspace.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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