Princess Mahlowi

Princess Mahlowi sits straight and serene, gazing into the middle distance rather than at the supplicant before her. She wears a full-skirted, wide-sleeved gown in her trademark African Tudor style, kinte cloth and other West African fabrics trimmed with leopard skin and gold ornaments. Her headdress is based on Congolese basket-weave, her gloves adorned with Fante ritual designs. She wears a stunning gold necklace fashioned in the shape of the Nexus starburst. She cools herself with a fan of ostrich feathers. In browns and greens, amber and gold, she is the colors of Africa itself.

Mahlowi Sisse Keita Touré, born in America on the first full moon of 2001, returned to Africa at the very start of the Great Kurudi, the Return. Princess Mahlowi combined splandor and pomp with true management ability, technology with tradition, and progressive vision with respect for history. In months, she was West Africa's darling; in a year, the world's.

copyright (c) 2007, Don Sakers

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