The Kohlenebian Empire

When the great Core empire called Malreppidar fell (approximately 2.7 million B.C.E.), refugees entered the Scattered Worlds and settled on the planet Kohleneb, forming the Kohlenebian Empire.

The Empire was a totalitarian state ruled by the Emperor-God Arivaan. Kohlenebian culture, like the Core culture from which it sprang, was rigid and stratified, with little in the way of personal liberty. Without the power of the Gergathan to back it up, Kohlenebia was a pale shadow of the original. It survived on pure inertia for about 400,000 years, then fell apart into squabbling states and individual worlds.

The Galactic Riders officially shunned Kohlenebia, but many individual Riders aided freedom fighters within the Empire.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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