The Imperial Galactographic Survey

The Imperial Galacographic Survey (IGS), run jointly by the Grand Library and the Department of Colonization, is the branch of the Imperial government responsible for mapping the Galaxy, planetary systems, and the individual planets of the Empire.

The IGS also places and maintains thousands of automated reference & navigational buoys throughout the Galaxy.

Additionally, the IGS maintains and publishes the Planetary Catalog: a complete database of maps, surveys, and other geographic information about the thousands of worlds, inhabited and not, which come to the attention of the Empire. The Planetary Catalog is made available through the Grand Library.

Technically, the IGS operates under the authority of the Imperial Department of Colonization; agents wear the sky-blue uniforms of DeptCol, with appropriate insigniae. IGS Headquarters, however, is located in Alexandria on the Grand Library campus. Due to their close cooperation with the Grand Library, and the independent nature of their work, IGS agents are largely insulated from DeptCol's legendary bureaucratic intrigues.

copyright (c) 2007, Don Sakers

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