Roots of the Second Terran Empire

from Preface to Imperial History by Zuri Hoister, Terra-Prime Publishing Corporation, 21,467 H.E.
Each of the three main Galactic regions provided important elements to the Second Terran Empire, founded in 20,724 H.E.

Credix supplied the mystical foundations: the moral/philosophical system of Lorecanism; the Old Empire cults of Kaal, Brandix, and Meletia; and the all-important legitimacy inherited from the First Empire.

Borshall/New Sardinia provided the head and heart of the Second Empire: the brains, the technology, and the culture that would hold it together.

And Geled...which had learned warcraft through centuries and millennia beseiged by neighboring hostile states...Geled  supplied the force, the might, the Armies and Navies to unify the Galaxy.

All it really took was us to supply the spark....

copyright (c) 2010, Don Sakers
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