The McIntyre School

A subdivision of the Schmidt Foundation, the McIntyre School  identifies, trains, and registers telepaths and other psi-gifted (aka "Fey") individuals. Telepaths trained by the School are identified by the Greek letter psi tatooed on their foreheads, and are greatly in demand to fill various roles in the Imperial government.

The McIntyre School was founded by Xia McIntyre on Terra, and expanded greatly under the stewardship of her successor, Eduard Raytheon. By TE 116, the School had facilities in every Province.

Masters of the School

TE 15 - 48: Xia McIntyre
TE 48 - 116: Eduard Raytheon
TE 116 - 168: Mark Huunt
TE 168 - 267: Jams McLaghlen
TE 267 - 315: Helen Armenta (b. TE 221)
TE 315 - 406: Philip Armenta (b. TE 284)

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