The Elder Gods

Well before the Pyslistroph, more than two billion years ago, the Elder Gods existed. Their exact number is unknown, but there seem to have been about 30 of them. Legend says that they were individuals of great power, each one the personification of some natural element such as fire, wind, the stars, destruction, and time itself. According to the earliest tales of the Seven Races, the Elder Gods were responsible for the creation of the universe and the life that fills it.

Individually, the Elder Gods appeared as fairly unremarkable creatures. They often took the shape of whatever species they were in the company of; it is said that they reflected the race of their observer, simultaneously appearing (for example) as Daamin to the Daamin and as Coruman to the Coruman.

Not much is known of the origin of the Elder Gods, although they have hinted that they came from another place and time, perhaps a different universe, and that they were only passing through our universe on a journey to some other, unknown destination. Whether they were returning to the place of their origin, or moving on to yet a third place, remains a mystery.

Although the Elder Gods seem to be immortal, many of them are known to have departed our space and time at specific historical times. By the time of the Pylistroph, only ten were known to remain. The first eight were active in the Pyslistroph and have been venerated ever since. They are:
  • Ellan: (Life)
  • Hesket: (Snow)
  • Jaseni: (Music)
  • Maranna: (Nurturing)
  • Naervara: (Stars)
  • Tha'p: (Rational Thought)
  • Timash: (Lovers)
  • Yx: Elder (Fire)
The remaining two Elder Gods shunned the Pyslistroph and were generally feared and distrusted:
  • Den (Destruction)
  • Ka (Nothingness)
One by one, most of the remaining Elder Gods departed, most recently Den after the fall of Avethell. The only ones believed to remain at large are Jaseni, Maranna, Timash, and Ka. Of these, the first three are occasionally active in the Scattered Worlds.

At the center of the Temple of All Worlds on Nephestal stands a dais bearing holographic figures of the eight Elder Gods venerated by the Pylistroph. These images, like the Elder Gods they depict, always appear to be the same species as the observer.

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