The Secluded Realm

The Secluded Realm is a Dyson Sphere around a G3 star somewhere in the Scattered Worlds. The exact location is a secret to all but the Wisest of the Daamin and various Galactic Riders. Access is available only through special shuttles from Nephestal, which run on an irregular schedule. The population of the Secluded Realm is conjectured to be about 10 billion beings, representing all races in the Scattered Worlds.

According to ancient proverb, Nephestal is the center of the Scattered Worlds -- and the Secluded Realm is their hidden heart. Here, memory rules and the ways of the Pylistroph are adhered to. The people of the Scattered Worlds visit and are welcome, but while the Daamin and Nephestal look to the future, the Secluded Realm as a rule looks to the past.

The Secluded Realm was by the Eldest Hlut and Her allies after the Flight of the Daamin c. 1.2 billion years ago. The Realm is generally an anarchy, tightly constrained by tradition and custom. The Eldest Hlut usually speaks for the Secluded Realm, but She consults with many trusted advisers both within and without the Realm.

The Eldest Hlut resides on an island-continent which is largely dominated by Her substance. She has countless trunks and offshoots all over the island, and the many other plants and Hlutr which occupy the island are, to some degree, part of Her as well. Her island also contains a cemetery where honored heroes of the Scattered Worlds are buried, so that their atoms become part of Her.

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