Final Report of the World Health Organization
Task Force on Miruvorane™-Affected Births
December 2015


(May not total due to duplication of categories)

Total affected pregnancies (world): 156,213 (± 0.4%)
Total stillbirths (world): 62,084 (± 0.7%)
Total nonviable (world): 45,156 (± 0.3%)
Total gross physyical deformity (world): 18,952 (± 1.4%)
Total acephalic (world): 7,218 (± 0.1%)
Total hormonal abnormalities (world): 16,720 (± 0.5%)
Total no recognizable abnormality (world): 629 (± 0.4%)
Total 12-month survivors (world): 37,926 (±0.1%)
Total 18-month survivors (world): 26,863 (± 0.3%)
Projected 60-month survivors (world): 12,934 (± 11.3%)
Projected 10-year survivors (world): *ERROR*

The tally of human misery and individual tragedy concealed by the figures above will never be fully known. This is a tragedy that touches not only the families directly concerned, but every one of us. Though only a drop in an ocean of human woe, these figures touch us all as no others can. These lives sacrificed were not fellow participants in the world's miseries, in patriotism, ethnic pride, territorial gain, economic greed, or even blunt hatred. These lives belonged to the only ones on this sorry planet who could truly be called innocents. They were not sacrificed for any cause, however noble or ignoble -- they were not sacrificed for any great plan, divine or human -- they were sacrificed merely by accident, by terrible mistake, by carelessness. We think we have learned, but we have not. There will be other mistakes, if perhaps none as grievous. And this shameful episode in out history, a true slaughter of the innocents, will haunt us all from now until the day we die.

Vavrinec Divizich,
Secretary-General of the United Nations
for the World Health Organization

copyright (c) 2009, Don Sakers

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