The Duchy of Geled

Following the fall of the Empire, Marc Tattersall, Provost of the Province of Geled, announced that Geled would host the Imperial Council. Nearly two dozen authentic Councilors managed to reach Geled and hold a meeting, at which (surprise!) Marc Tattersall was declared Emperor. The other Provinces, however, had their own ideas, and since the Geled Council did not have a quorum, the legality of the declaration is in serious doubt. Although Marc Tattersall maintained that he was the legal Emperor, and kept the title until the end of his life, his successors gave up the claim.

Instead, Geled maintained the fiction that it was still a Province; until c. 4700 CE, it was known as the "Province of Geled" and the leader was styled "Provost of Geled." Subsequently, the area was known as the "Duchy of Geled."

At the same time, the former Province had splintered to a much greater degree than Credix; while the Tattersalls tried to maintain Imperial traditions, strong neighbors and mass movements into and out of the Transgeled left the realm on permanent military footing. Marc's daughter, Cambrea Tattersall, reorganized the realm and strengthened the Navy. Her successors continued the work, until Geled became primarily a military state.

In 5372 CE, the expanding Natalese Confederation pushed up against Geled's borders, and the two states mutually declared war. The war continued, with much damage on both sides (including the destruction of Ultrawave Relay Beta in 5378 CE), until 5408 CE, when the Independent Traders organized a peace conference on Escen. As a result of this conference, disputed territory was granted independence as the Free Territory of Cisnatal.

The long war, however, had proved so destabilizing that, by 5440 CE, Cisnatal had dissolved and the Natalese Confederation was in rapid decline. By 6100 CE the Natalese Confederation was gone.

c. 6390 CE, Geled began ultrawave contact with the Ebettor; the first face-to-face contact occurred in 6484 CE.

About 7700 CE, Geled entered into a series of treaties with the Independent Traders. These treaties not only gave the Traders greater access to Geledian territory and trade; they also served as nonagression treaties between Geled, the Credixian Imperium, the Sardinian League, Borshall, and the Escen Hegemony. Shortly, Geled and Escen signed a treaty prohibiting intrusions into one another's space.

About 7800 CE, Georges Naiman took control of the Escen Hegemony, and turned it into a military dictatorship. A cold war developed between Escen and Geled, and Geled slowly became more like Escen.

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