Unholy Three Concert for Timbuktu

Rolling Stone Online Edition, 2 August 2042 C.E.

Unholy Three
Concert for Timbuktu
143 minutes
Rating: *****
access: columbia/U3/live/20420801
reviewed by Asis Chakaipa, Rolling Stone Staff

In last night’s benefit concert for the survivors of Timbuktu, the Unholy Three once again showed why classic rock-n-roll will always be the king of music, and demonstrated that there are no rockers like Baby Boom rockers.

The band was joined onstage by the voices (and bodies) of actor Gail Danube (wife of keyboardist Mark Silver) and Tzu Emwalt, that foot-rubbin’ mamma whose multiculti vocal harmonies have won her three Grammys so far.

Lead singer Dominik Gruszpka was in perfect voice, dispelling any lingering doubt about the results of his radiation treatments this spring. His powerful, soulful melody on “Approaching Lavender,” coupled with guitarist Rij Kanaly’s oddly Cajun rhythms, brought a tear to the eye of more than one spectator. Halfway through the show, Silver and Kanaly engaged in an impromptu jam session on keyboard and twelve-string, harkening back to their old days with the Thirty Strings. It was a lively free-for-all with all the riveting intensity of a tight soccer match, that went on for an incredible fifteen minutes.

Emwalt and Gruszpka brought the house down with their spirited rendition of Gruszpka’s signature tune, “You Know the P is Silent.” Rumor has it that the two have started work on a joint album to be issued in December; more news as our ferrets dig it out.

Finally, no Unholy Three concert would be complete without the haunting “On the Road.” Danube and Emwalt lent a plaintive, piquant tone to this old favorite; it was a singular tribute to both the fallen and the survivors of Timbuktu.

This concert was among the best that the Unholy Three have ever given; it approaches their Andover Concert of 2026. Grab some friends, a jolt, and log onto this amazing experience tonight. I guarantee you won’t regret it.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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