Mati & Babi

A teenager dashes past him, skin the shade of vellum and long black cape billowing like midnight clouds athwart the moon. The lad spins, shows fangs in a broad smile, and says, "Hi, Damien!" A banshee shriek cuts through the air, and a black-clad figure tackles the boy. Damien gets a glimpse of long blond hair, fingernails like claws, and whimsical cat-whiskers painted across paperwhite skin, then the couple tumbles away from him. The girl Babi, affecting her best feline mannerisms, looks up and shows her own fangs. "Hi, Damien."

Mateni Gerat and Babari Aparejo ("Mati & Babi") are two of the Maris Institute's resident vampires, victims of a 2032 gene-splicing porphyria virus whose perpetrators are still unidentified. While severe anemia and aversion to sunlight are the major symptoms, none of the vampires actually drink blood.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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