The Miranda Maris Institute for Wayward Artists

Around the spacious lobby, easily a hundred meters across, balconies rise the building's entire twelve stories, meeting great skylights far above. Four glass-walled elevators are involved in a stately vertical gavotte with one another. On the main floor below are a restaurant, two bars, dance floor, swimming pool, and scattered groups of tables, benches, and comfortable chairs. Stairways, ramps, doors, and arches lead off to other parts of the complex. Bright flags, pennants, and streamers dangle from the balconies. In the middle of the vast space hangs a three-dimensional, twenty-meter model of Drake's Starburst.

Home to over a hundred world-class artists and creative types, the Maris Institute is headquartered in a hotel-turned-artists'-colony outside Washington, DC. When United Nations troops raid the Institute in search of the Ivory Madonna, they discover that challenging artists on their home turf is a big mistake....

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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