Dedication Speech for Ultrawave Relays

by Jane Elendan, Secretary-General of the Imperial Council
Year Day TE 70

Mesayyid of the Imperial Council; Citizens of the Empire: Human Beings across the Galaxy: Welcome. It is my great pleasure, and my even greater honor, to dedicate this network of Ultrawave Relays under the auspices of Imperial Centcom.

This is an historic moment. For the first time, the entire Galaxy is knit together by instantaneous Ultrawave. I stand here in the Imperial Council chambers on Terra—but my words and image appear simultaneously on all of the 252 worlds and countless settlements inhabited by Humans. From Lathyros to the Patalan Cluster and from Amny to distant Wakmarrel…no planet, no settlement, is isolated now.

Please join with me in thanking the thousands of engineers, techs, and others who labored so hard and so long to bring this gift to Humanity.

While these Ultrawave Relays are a project of the Terran Empire, but I must stress that their use is not limited to Imperial worlds. No planet, settlement, or person will be required to join the Empire in order to utilize this marvelous communications network. Imperial Centcom operates as a business, free of political influence, and will accept any and all customers. We want this boon available to the whole family of Humanity.

Better communications can only lead to better under-standing among peoples. Better communications can only allow us to know each other better, to reduce fear, hostility, and misunderstanding. Better communications can only increase peace.

This is my hope, and the hope of the Imperial Council.

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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