Umoja Interactive Ballot

Juneteenth, 2036 CE

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Thank you for participating in today's election. If at any point you wish to clarify your answer or make additional comments, please touch [I].

1. How satisfied are you with your current electrical service? [I]
___Very satisfied
___Very dissatisfied

2. Do you feel that the price of a loaf of bread is...? [I]
___Just right

3. In Algeria's civil war, both sides have appealed to Umoja for support. Should Umoja: [I]
___Support the Islamic Brotherhood
___Support the Democratic National Front
___Attempt to broker a peace agreement
___Push for peaceful annexation
___Ignore the problem

4. Which candidate do you prefer for Mayor of Kampala? [I]
___Nzitunga Buseruka
___Makula Ndadaye
___John Rukidi
___None of these

5. Reducing travel time to Cape Town, Kinshasa, and Tunis will result in an increase in accidental injuries and deaths. How many additional annual deaths are tolerable for each one-hour decrease in travel time? [I]

6. Please comment on the quality of papayas you have received in the last six months. [I]
___I have no opinion

7. Ritual tattooing for religious purposes is...? [I]
___Acceptable if hidden
___I have no opinion

8. Please rate your satisfaction with medical care received by you or your family in the last year. [I]
___I have no opinion

9. How many times have you received painful sunburn in the last 12 months? [I]
___Not at all
___1-3 occasions

10. How concerned are you about the following social issues? (Please rate 1-5, with 1 being "very concerned" and 5 being "not at all concerned") [I]
___Tribal relations [I]
___Medical care [I]
___Violent crime [I]
___Poverty [I]
___1- and 2-parent families [I]
___Australian financial crisis [I]
___Gender relations [I]
___Unlicensed births [I]
___Education [I]
___Housing [I]
___Civil liberties [I]
___Quality of life [I]
___Earthspace industrialization [I]
___International affairs [I]
___Gambling [I]
___Genetic ethics [I]

11. What do you most strive for in your life? [I]
___Moral values

12. What other comments would you like to make? [I]

Thank you for participating in today's election. Your responses, combined with those of other client-citizens, will be used to produce recommendations that reflect the will of Umoja's people.

The questions that you responded to may differ from those of your family, friends, or associates. This is usual; questions are selected according to sophisticated statistical algorithms, so as to provide the most accurate statistical portrait with the least inconvenience to client-citizens. It is natural that client-citizens will discuss their voting experiences with one another. Should you find that you wish to give your own opinion on a question that was selected for someone else, simply contact election.umj and choose "election questions."

Once again, thank you for making Umoja better!

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