A Kreen Song

Away beyond the starry dance
Away beyond the sky
There lies a land we've never seen
But which in dreams is nigh.

Before blue Kree was set in space
Before the sun was lit
There was a golden unknown star
With a blue world circling it.

Ere Kil the sparkling river ran
Ere Miethara ruled
The Avethellen starfolk fared
From cities grandly jeweled.

Canoes of theirs the starlanes crossed
Brought life to all of Kree
Bent worlds and stars unto their will
Of such descent are we.

Where glows the light of murdered suns?
Where burns last winter's flame?
Where vanished sacred Avethell?
What of her folk became?

Ask rather of this season's rose
Where his lost parents passed;
Ask rather of the buzzing fly
Why goes her life so fast?

Into the wild and starlit deep
Retreats this world so grand
Away into forgotten past
Defies our groping hand.

And never has Kreen touched that world
And never have we known
Aught of her but mere shadowed hints
In seeds that she had sown.

We love the world on which we grew
We worship Kree and well
Yet always will our spirits yearn
For long-lost Avethell.

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