Newsweek Online Edition, 1 August 2042 C.E.

The invasion of Guadalcanal is in deep trouble. The World War II Centennial Commission still needs over ten thousand volunteers to play the part of Allied soldiers for a scheduled re-enactment of the Allied landing on August 8, 1942.

Over fifty thousand people from around the world have volunteered to play Japanese troops in the re-enactment (historically, there were approximately 33,000 Japanese troops on the island in 1942). Few of these volunteers have interest in playing Allied roles. One volunteer, Derek Tshwete of Pretoria, said, “The Allies won. Where’s the drama in that?”

Dr. Kiyono Mauyama, a speaker for the Centennial Commission, said that the re-enactment will go ahead as scheduled on April 8. “We’re committed to making this the most accurate re-enactment of the entire Centennial program. If necessary, we’ll use cold-light holograms to fill in for the missing Allies.”

The star player at the week-long festival on Guadalcanal is Thomas V. Nicodemus, a 118-year-old survivor of the Guadalcanal campaign.

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