The Hallelujah Chorus

Date: Fri, August 1, 2042 08:16:18 (EDT)
To: All Residents, Guests, Visitors, and Their Sordid Entourages
From: Miranda Maris (m@maris-institute.org)
Subject: Tonight’s Festivities
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Since this has been the proverbial Week From Pell, I am afraid that the Hyperspace Jig will simply Not Be Enough. Therefore, please come prepared to participate in the traditional midnight performance of the Hallelujah Chorus around the pool. This is mandatory, as Miz Miranda needs some definite cheering up. Those who feel they need to practice beforehand, should meet in the Grand Ballroom at eleven. Bring friends (or whatever passes for friends in your sad, lonely, meaningless lives).

The Calvert Ballroom will be dedicated to the memory of those who lost their lives in the Timbuktu disaster. Works of art, performances, memorial services, and remembrances are all welcome and encouraged. The U.N. Timbuktu Relief Fund and International Red Cross/Crescent/Wheel will be on hand to accept money, clothing, nonperishable food items, and volunteers. Donated materials will be auctioned on Sunday afternoon for the benefit of the Relief Fund.



NOTE: Don Sakers will be on panel discussions and other program events at this weekend's Darkover Grand Council in Timonium, Maryland. The Darkover Grand Council, a three-day celebration of diversity and creativity, is our favorite convention. Look for our room party on Friday night...and yes, the Hallelujah Chorus will be sung in the hotel lobby at midnight on Saturday. 

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