Albanath and Eklaid

Albanath and Eklaid are two of the Gathered Worlds in the same planetary system in the Galactic Core. The star is a G4 yellow sun with luminosity 1.02 times Sol.

The first three planets are small, rocky, uninhabitable worlds with masses ranging from 2% to 6% of Earth's. Albanath is the fourth planet and Eklaid is the fifth. The remaining three planets are Jovian gas giants.

Albanath is a near-twin of Earth. It lies at almost exactly the same distance from its sun, its diameter is only 3% larger than Earth's, and it has 92% of Earth's mass. The Albanathian year lasts 326 Terran days, which is 242 local days (the local day is 32.3 hours). Receiving 11% more heath & light from its hotter sun, Albanath is a warmer world than Earth.

Albanath was settled by Kreen refugees from the Barentikater supernova in the Kreen year 28,521 (approximately 770,000 BCE). The colonization of Albanath introduced a new element into Barentikaterian architecture, a jarring note: the harsh, acute angle and solids based upon it. Albanathian architecture to this day retains that element of shock, that jarring quality in an otherwise-smooth line. Otherwise, Albanath resembles a rather moderate Barentikater IV, with architectural shapes drawn from the harmonies of conic sections, variations on sweeping, curved solids, the spheroids and spirals and arcs of sophisticated analytical geometry, rather than the straight lines and angles of Human classical geometry.

The oldest and most influential chaio on Albanath, ban Tau chaio, lives along the River Shatmisp.

About 2600 CE, the Galactic Riders helped many inhabitants of Albanath move to a new world, Shay Nabath.

Eklaid, home to a small population of Sebhra, is primarily a military base. Its one settlement is a low valley with a breathable atmosphere, and is little more than a spaceport, a plantation of food crops, and herds of food animals. In other areas of the planet, automata carry on the work of building units in a vast war fleet.

Eklaid was annexed by Kaylpeskrit and settled about 3,000 BCE, but major construction of the fleet began only about 2500 CE. The ultimate purpose of this fleet is unknown.

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