The Schmidt Foundation

The Schmidt Foundation was founded 2045 CE in Umoja by Erin Schmidt (2015-2093 CE) as a legacy of her father, a Nexus operative whose codename was JJJSchmidt. The Foundation was an early investor in the Martian colonies and Dalanian Antigravitics; by 2100 CE it was one of the largest and richest corporations in Earthspace.

In 2071 CE, Erin's son Ray Schmidt (2046-2108 CE) espoused Jannet Hoister, and so the Schmidt Foundation became allied with the Hoister Family. By 2153 CE, the Foundation was essentially the business arm of the Hoister Family.

Subsidiaries of the Schmidt Foundation included:

* Alee Artificial Intelligences
* Associated Starflight
* Cranford Sociotechnics
* Kuchta Genetics

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