Top Ten Reasons We Love Brin & Catherine

Valentine Day TE 183: As everyone in the Empire knows, Mesayyid Brin Lütken and Catherine Leonov celebrate their 25th Anniversary today. For the occasion, we here at Stars of the Galaxy put our heads together and came up with the following list of The Top Ten Reasons We Love Brin & Catherine.

10. 1300 colonized worlds in the Empire as of this year...and 1200 of them have some public feature named for Brin or Catherine.

9. Brin Bonuses got us through the Slump of 172.

8. We get to spend every April wondering if Catherine is pregnant again.

7. Who else would have brought justice the murderers of Cambolinee?

6. Giving us all something interesting to watch during Vernon Castiligoni's speeches.

5. Five children so far, and maybe more to come, ensuring that gossip columnists will never be out of a job.

4. Never a dull moment in the Patrik Lütken/Kristen Kristeller on-again-off-again romance.

3. Is Darryl Lütken the cutest baby ever, or what?

2. Those commemorative wedding plates and holo-displays appreciate in value every year.

1. On their Silver Anniversary, they're still the Galaxy's storybook couple.


copyright (c) 2009, Don Sakers

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