Psi and Psi-Like Abilities

Mundane: A person without psionic abilities beyond erratic, rudimentary telepathy or precognition.

Fey: One with psionic abilities that are measurable, reliable, and genetically inheritable.


Absolute Direction: Unerring directional sense, manifested as a homing instinct, or as a sense of framework (i.e. always knowing the way North).

Agstone (sometimes "Hagstone"): Complex machinery, usually resembling polished stone, which amplifies natural psi abilities.

Astral Projection: Ability to project a visible or invisible body across distance. The original body is usually comatose during an astral projection.

Augmentation: Ability to increase the effect of other psi powers.

Bilocation Ability to be in two or more places at the same time.

Clairvoyance: The ability to sense present events, regardless of distance, size, or intervening barriers. Gross clairvoyance deals with the macroscopic world and is limited in resolution; micro-clairvoyance has nearly unlimited resolution. The verb "behold" is usually used to distinguish clairvoyance from mundane senses.

Forever Dream: An alternate state of consciousness in which the Daamin live most of their lives. Characterized by nonlinear causality.

Inner Voice: Form of mental communication used by the Hlutr.

Kedankat: Lorecanist mental state akin to the Forever Dream of the Daamin.

Linguistic Sense: Possibly a type of telepathy, which allows one to communicate easily, even with unfamiliar languages.

Location Sense: A form of clairvoyance that manifests as a tracking ability, enabling one to sense the location of an object, person, etc.

Pattern Formation: Ability to recognize/impose patterns on chaotic data/events. A Pattern Former is excellent, for example, at finding paths through labyrinths, trackless forests, etc.

Personality Projection: Ability to project portions of one's personality (i.e. moods, emotions, etc.) onto inanimate objects or places, so that others who contact them will feel the same.

Postcognition: Ability to sense events of the past. A form of clairvoyance.

Precognition: Ability to sense events before they occur.

Psiamine First of a class of drugs known as "telepathic dampers." Psiamine and its derivatives are primarily used in infancy and adolescence to dampen psi powers so as to protect Fey children from inadvertently harming themselves or others in exercising their abilities.

Psi-Block: A simple machine which serves to block psi influences. In the First Empire and much of the Interregnum, psi-block technology is in its infancy and effectiveness is low.

Psychokinesis ("pk"): Ability to influence matter by means other than physical contact. Gross psychokinesis deals with the macroscopic world and is nearly unlimited in power; micro-psychokinesis has sharp distance, mass, and force limits.

Psychometry: Ability to read the history of an object by physical contact.

Psychon: Hypothetical tachyon exchange particle for psi. Psychons are influenced by large, complex molecules (i.e. proteins and protein analogs).

Pyrokinesis: Ability to produce fire.

Song of the Hlutr: The total concert of Hlutr communication in the Inner Voice.

Stasis Formation: Ability to create a zone of stasis, in which time passes at a different rate than outside the zone.

Telepathic Projection: Ability to impose thoughts & feelings on others.

Telepathinet: A network of telepaths.

Telepathy: The ability to directly communicate mind-to-mind; also can include the ability to sense, read, or influence the thoughts of another. The drug psiamine is one of a class of drugs called telepathic dampers; they can deaden a telepath's sensitivity and are often used in raising young telepaths.

Teleportation: Rare psionic ability to move from one point to another in negligible time, without crossing intervening distance. "Zap" is slang for "teleport."

Temporal telepathic Resonance: Ability to link to similar minds in the past or future.

Watchers (of the Stones): Cadre of telepathic-sensitive volunteers on Nephestal, who attempt to divine meaning from the music of the Singing Stones.

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