The Idara

Idara (plural, Idara):

The word translates as “tribe,” “division,” or even “team.”

The Idara were originally a mix of geographical and adminsitrative divisions in the Nexus hierarchy. The names of the Idara were derived from the codenames of first-generation Nexus administrators (i.e LA.Verne → LaVerne, Ellen-n-Dan → Ellenndan → Elendan). By the second/third generations, Nexus members were usually sponsored by, or closely affiliated with, the existing Idara. (This affiliation, similar to adoption, was signified by adding the Idara name with the honorific “kwa” i.e. Tadj Kimmitt kwa Ellenndan.)

Originally, the individual Idara had georgraphical or administrative specialties, i.e. Schmidt in Finance, Chlad in international politics, or LaVerne in western Mexamerica. In time, these specialties faded as each Idara broadened its focus. By the late 2060s, as the Idara were becoming more aware of the need to broaden, promising cadets were sought after by particular Idara, and by the early 2100s there was even a system of recruitment and trading similar to present-day professional sports teams.

By the early 2100s, in most of Nexus space, the Idara functioned as de facto governments, usually under the Umoja model -- i.e. ordinary citizens would contract with a given Idara for services and such.

When the Terran Empire was founded in 2153, the Idara moved naturally into the role of the Nobility.

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