Located 13.1 kiloparsecs from Terra, Phuctra is one of eight Provincial Capitals of the Terran Empire.

The fourth planet of the G0 star Mepsia, Phuctra is technically uninhabitable. Although roughly the same size as Terra (diameter 12,700 km), Phuctra's surface air density is approximately ten times Terra's and its atmosphere is a thick organic soup. The oceans are exceptionally salty, the continents are low lying marshlands. A slender native ecosystem exists; the largest creature is the tacanbeest, a swamp amphibian which resembles a cross between a rhinoceros and a garden slug.

The main Human habitation is the Ring, a large ring-shaped settlement in synchronous orbit around the planet. The Ring is tethered to Phuctra by six Spokes, which are anchored in the planet's bedrock. With a diameter of 86,000 km and a circumference of 270,000 km, the Ring is the largest human-made structure in the Empire. The Ring shares Phuctra's rotation period of 24 hours.

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