Nexus Interdict

Nominally, Monument Valley -- indeed, the whole Novajo Nation -- is under Nexus interdict...and will be, until Navajo raiding parties stop killing their Hopi neighbors. The terms of interdict, in theory, are unyielding: the offending nation can have no commerce or contact with the world community until they are ready to rejoin it. No trade, no tourists, no Net connections in or out. Only refugees are allowed to leave. For three weeks the interdict has held, Nexus volunteers working alongside U.N. peacekeepers and Mexamerican troops.

Today, those who defy the world community are put under interdict by the Nexus. Today, the nations of the world respect the interdict, and uneasily support the Nexus and the United Nations. For every nation knows that it is better to be sealed off from the rest of the planet for a time, than to be incinerated from off its face forever....

copyright (c) 2008, Don Sakers

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