The Seven Races

The Seven Races inhabited a portion of the Galactic Core about 2.4 billion years ago. They founded and ruled the Pylistroph, the first great interstellar civilization in the Milky Way. Pylistrioph Seed Vessels dispersed their genetic material throughout the Galactic Halo, forming the basis for life on millions of worlds.

The Seven Races were:

The Coruma (singular, Corum)
"The Master Race"
Homeworld: Messilinia
Roughly Humanoid. Technologically advanced but not technocratic. Love the stars and draw most power from the suns. Ancestors of Humans, Metrinaire, Heloxans, Dolphins, etc.

The Daamin (singular, Daam)
"The High Race"
Homeworld: Verkorra
Small in number and stature, peaceful and philosophic. Direct ancestors of the Kien Khwei.

The Hchevidiire (singluar Hchevidir)
"The Elder Race"
Homeworld: Nnevichee
Very large (elephant-size or larger). Live in mountainous regions and arctic tundra, sometimes used as beasts of burden by Coruma.

The Evellan (singluar Evella)
"The Low Race"
Homeworld: Pevve
Arthropod-like, somewhat like Coruma but less intelligent. Less respected than the Coruma, sometimes enslaved by the Master Race, although this is prohibited in the Pylistroph. Longest-lived of the Animal Races. Ancestors of the Kaanese.

The Kareffi (singular Kareff)
Homeworld: Daarsa
Aquatic, ocean-dwelling, non-technological.

The Talebba (singular Talebb)
Homeworld: Brannis
Crystalline, sessile intelligences with long life spans and appreciation of geological processes. Often spaceborne.

The Hlutr (singular Hlut)
Homeworld: Paka Tel
Sessile plant intelligences, communicate by changing colors in leaves & skin, by sound, and by the Inner Voice. Light-sensitive, some varieties carnivorous, highly empathic. Natural genetic engineers. Ancestors of all Scattered Worlds Hlutr.

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