The Patalanian Union

2457 CE (TE 304) - 2730 CE
The Patalanian Union consisted of the Province of Patala, plus substantial portions of Borshll, New Sardinia, and the Transgeled.

The Patalanian Union officially seceded from the Terran Empire on 3 May TE 304, under the leadership of Kasia Sayyid Contenau.

By TE 334 the Patalanian Union had expanded beyond the boundaries of the Province of Patala, and faced the Empire's hostility. The official Patalanian policy of isolationism failed under Imperial pressure, which forced further expansion for security reasons.

In 340 a coup occurred, and the Masilek dynasty took over. The Masilek Presidents were ruthless and pushed for expansion. In 361, Patalanian Union forces met and defeated Terran Empire forces at the planet Karphos. This was the first major defeat for the Empire.

Thereafter, Imperial resistance continued to weaken. The Patalanian Union took much of the Transgeled. In 381, Patalanian forces made a surprise raid against Terra, defeated the TERRAD system, and sacked New York. Until about 470, the Patalanians had free run of much of the Sol/Laxus Province, although they did not quite manage to conquer any of the Nexus Worlds, nor did they occupy Terra beyond the initial sack.

The bifurcated Empire continued to put up a good fight -- Phuctra, Neordan, and Credix under the Castiligoni and Chen Idara and Geled under the Tattersalls. But in 471 Patalanian troops landed on Laxus and forced the Emperor, Conrad Kuchta, to abdicate. This marks the official end of the First Terran Empire.

In 2626 CE, immediately after the Empire's fall the Patalanian Union began to suffer defeats. The provinces now had their own navies, much more efficient than the widespread Imperial wings. Teleskany and Credix forced a two-front war, and soon the Union dissolved.

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